Programming: Engage, Educate, and Enrich


Are you looking for a speaker for your community group, a hands-on nature program for your students, or a workshop for your educators? Presentations conducted by our staff, with a host of field specialties and professional expertise, make Arkansas’s ecology interesting and easy to understand.

Look for the Program  and Workshop   icons under the topics in this Education section. Most subject matter can be adapted for a variety of ages and grade levels, including adults. In addition to the specific programs listed in the pages of this section, our staff are regularly developing new programs and we are happy to work with you if you have specific program or workshop needs.

All programming is free of charge. Our limited staff sometimes book months ahead, so schedule early.

Most programs are designed to run between 30 minutes and an hour, but can be adapted to fit your schedule, although no programs are reduced to less than 30 minutes.

Except for field trips outdoors, most programs include a PowerPoint presentation and will need to be conducted in an area that can be darkened for viewing. Our staff can bring a digital projector and laptop, or work with you to use your equipment.


Staff conduct programs for conservation agencies and organizations, non-profits, libraries, garden clubs, volunteer groups, scout groups, civic clubs, and other environmental-related venues.


A variety of workshops are conducted that focus on awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the natural world.
Program content for classroom teachers is correlated to the Arkansas Department of Education Frameworks.


A full range of learning opportunities are available to students at all levels. From pre-K to college, we deliver programming at a variety of locations, including classrooms, libraries, hospitals, wildlife camps, and scout groups. Students are engaged in active learning with hands-on experiences using pictures, audio, mounted specimens, skulls, taxidermy, and even puppets.


Follow this link to use our online program reservation form.

For additional information, please contact staff in our Education & Information section: