Habitats and Ecology

mountain view

Arkansas is a mosaic of different habitats and diverse ecology, including mountains, prairies, rivers, caves, swamps, and forests. This section includes information about some of these habitats, including both current ecological issues and examples of how we are tied to the land. This section also includes special ANHC projects that highlight aspects of Arkansas's ecology:

Natural Communities Poster Series - this is a collection of posters with unique illustrations and information the plants and animals that live in six of Arkansas's chief natural communities or habitats.

Bill Clark Presidential Park Wetlands - this is a special outdoor interpretive project in downtown Little Rock that tells the story in text and pictures of a restored urban wetland on the Arkansas River. Panels on the site contain QR codes that link to information in the Education section of this site.

General Ecology

Arkansas: A Changing Climate, A Changing Land Arkansas: A Changing Climate, A Changing Land (1148 KB)

Bio-dilemmas Bio-dilemmas (242 KB)

Fire Ecology Fire Ecology (1646 KB)

Prairies, Forests, and Aquatic Habitats Prairies, Forests, and Aquatic Habitats (33 KB)

Headwater Swamps Headwater Swamps (282 KB)

Grand Prarie of Arkansas


The Grand Prairie of Arkansas: Past, Present, Future The Grand Prairie of Arkansas: Past, Present, Future (4221 KB)

The booklet details the region's natural history, the current status of its natural communities, and new information about prairie restoration activities. A unique map detailing the presettlement vegetation of the Grand Prairie is also included. Hard copies of this booklet are available in limited  quantities.

workshop_blue The workshop is an extension of the information in the booklet and takes a broader look at prairies as a habitat.

Grand Prairie Geography Grand Prairie Geography (1238 KB)

Arkansas Blackland Prairies Arkansas Blackland Prairies (3071 KB)

Tallgrass Prairie Word Search Tallgrass Prairie Word Search (589 KB)



Ozark Karst: A Fragile Landform Ozark Karst: A Fragile Landform (117 KB)

Karst in the Arkansas Ozarks Karst in the Arkansas Ozarks (1945 KB)

People and Ecology

Beatrix Potter -- Scientist, Artist, and Author

Helen Beatrix Potter is well-known for her children's books (with characters such as Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck), but few know that the acclaimed children's book author was also a mycologist and conservationist.This program uses the story of Potter’s life to introduce facts about the mushrooms and lichens she illustrated, the struggles of women to be recognized in science and publishing, links to art and nature, and the importance of safeguarding public lands.

Beatrix Potter Complete Educator's Guide Beatrix Potter Complete Educator's Guide (2422 KB)

She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head

Using the illustrations and text from the book of the same title by Kathryn Lasky (author of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series) this program introduces the participants to early members of the Audubon Society and the conservation issues of the day that lead to the society’s creation

Nature Journaling

This program leads participants through a series of writing and drawing activities that help them learn about the natural world through their own direct experience. By recording their observations, creative ideas, thoughts, and feelings in writing and art, participants will be able to explore their awareness of the natural world. For students, nature journaling helps develop their skills of observation, description, and reflection.