ANHC Teaching

Our goal for educational outreach is to make information about Arkansas’s biodiversity interesting and easy to understand for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. For educators, material and program content is correlated to the Arkansas Department of Education Frameworks.

The education section is broken down into four topics or categories listed below. Click on each topic to find more details about what is available.

We try to make as many of our materials available here on the website for viewing and downloading, including lesson plans, activity sheets (crossword puzzles, word searches, etc.), and written guides. Look for the PDF icon pdf in the list for each section.

We also offer a variety of programming from our professional staff. From pre-K to college, we offer student programming at a variety of locations, including classrooms, libraries, hospitals, wildlife camps, and scout groups. Students are engaged in active learning with multi-sensory experiences using pictures, audio, mounted specimens, skulls, taxidermy, and even puppets. Look for the Program Icon  in the list for each section. For details about scheduling a program, follow this link to the programming page.

For adults, we offer general programs for garden clubs, volunteer groups, and other service organizations or government agencies. These are also indicated with the Program Icon. More details on the programming page here.

Our professional staff is available on a limited basis for in-depth workshops and fieldtrips for teachers, special interests groups, and other training as Arkansas Master Naturalists. Look for the workshop icon workshop_blue.

Ecoregions or Natural Divisions of Arkansas

This includes an updated and expanded fourth edition of the cornerstone of our educational programs – The Natural Divisions of Arkansas – A Classroom Guide by Tom Foti. It is correlated to more than a dozen science frameworks and addresses the social studies, environmental science, and Arkansas History frameworks tied to the six natural divisions or ecoregions of Arkansas.

Habitats and Ecology

This section includes information about some of the habitats found in Arkansas, such as prairies, bottomland hardwood forests, and caves. It also includes both current ecological issues and examples of how our landscape shaped our history.


This section includes the materials we have developed over the years based on program requests, citizen science projects, and the animals that we work to protect, including endangered species, bats, woodpeckers, box turtles, and bumblebees.


This section includes information about native plants and native gardening, including ideas for activities in a schoolyard garden.